Commercial Property Insurance in Hewitt, TX

Protecting Your Business Assets

Commercial property insurance covers your business property and equipment, in case of damage or destruction.  Specifics of what's covered, for which perils, may vary across individual policies and insurers. 

How Much Does Commercial Property Insurance Cost?

Like any other insurance policy, the commercial policy premiums will be determined by the coverages, the dollar amounts for your assets, and the deductible (out-of-pocket) amounts you choose.  If you're looking for commercial property insurance in Hewitt, TX or the surrounding areas, John Fadal Insurance Agency LLC. will take care of you and your business. 

What Does Commercial Property Insurance in Hewitt, TX Cover?

Our policies cover your building and all the property you use to run your business.
Our commercial coverage policies protect your assets against:

  • Fires
  • Storms
  • Accident
  • Theft
  • & More

What Isn’t Covered by My Commercial Property Policy?

A commercial property policy won't cover accidents that occur on your property to workers or customers. The general liability portion of your policy covers those events. And unfortunately, there are many other ways for a business to be harmed and require insurance coverage beyond damage from those named above. Not to worry!  While your business faces many other potential perils, at John Fadal Insurance Agency LLC., we offer a complete line of other business coverages to protect you from a whole host of contingencies. From covering your signage to protecting your inventory, we write policies that protect against almost any eventuality.

What Are Your Coverage Needs?

Do you know what types of coverages you need for your business? And in what amounts? If not, or if you've got only a rough idea, don't worry! At John Fadal Insurance Agency LLC., we work with numerous businesses, both large and small. We’re experts in helping you assess your coverage needs and in obtaining the right coverages in the right amounts to protect your assets. 


For a Free Insurance Quote, Contact John Fadal Insurance Agency LLC.

We’re dedicated to helping all our clients make informed decisions about insurance coverage. Do you have a question about property insurance or some other kind of business insurance coverage in Hewitt, TX? At John Fadal Insurance Agency LLC. we’ve got answers! 

If you’re ready to see how much you could save with us, call John Fadal Insurance Agency LLC. for a free quote at (254) 235-3111! For a free online commercial property insurance quote, fill out our online quote form on our contact page!

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